B9 Construction Journal Notebook

Hi everyone! I'm designing a Construction Journal binder that could be used to keep all the info for your B9 project.

At right is a binder I designed for my parody stickers.

It is an inch and a half, heat sealed, "D-ring" binder.

I prefer the d-ring because it keeps the pages flat when viewing. (see photo)

Heat sealed means the printed art on the cover and spine are sealed in on all four sides. There is no open slit in the clear vinyl like generic binders from office supply stores.

For an example, I placed a full-sheet pocket page in the binder to show what we could do with it. You could also 3-hole punch any paper and place in the binder.

We can have a pocket on the inside covers to keep loose papers as well. I'll check on cost.

It would be cool to have 'Tab' dividers made as well. We could have tabs for: 'Head', 'Torso', 'Leg', 'Club How-to', 'Electronics', etc.

You could also put photos inside to have your own scrap-book of your progress.

I think I can get the cost of the binder itself under $10.00. I'd love to include the tabs for that price, I'll look into that.

Let me know what you think. I'll post artwork if I get enough responses.



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Package Parodies Binder

D-ring close-up

Open flat

Heat sealed edge

Last updated 03/11/07