Engraving will be all Upper Case. The letter "I", number "1", and periods "." count as 1/2 characters each. Count spaces and dashes "-" as 1 character each.

Be Creative-Have Fun! Heck, put "Dr. Smith" as the builder if you like! It doesn't matter, just make it however you want it!

Class M-3 is printed on the plate-we can't change that one.

You could use your Club ID for your Model #, but again, it's YOUR plate!

My Serial # is: My initials, my birth year, and 0001. Just be creative!

For the Dates, we'll have to use Abbreviations for long Month names. Some people may put in their completion date. I know me: I'll never finish my B-9. I'll have to put the Start Date on my data plate!

Here is a plate with engraving I can offer from my vendor. Note: I am no longer offering the letters filled with black. Actually, the current engraver does it so nicely, they look better without the blackened letters.

<----Click image for Hi-Res version

Updated 04/03/07

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