Everyone has their own approach to his or her B9 replica. Some want to recreate theirs by looking at the actual prop and getting every detail right. Some people like to build the Robot based on how they remember it on TV when they watched as kids. B9Creations' philosophy is that they are building replicas of the Character, not the Prop. I think these are ALL good philosophies. You should build your Robot the way YOU want to.

My philosophy is that my Robot is NOT the one we saw on TV. As we all know, the seven members of the Jupiter 2 and their trusty Robot are lost in space somewhere in the Galaxy. Well, if the colonization of space was going to happen like the show said, it's easy to assume that the Jupiter 2 mission was not the only mission. There may have been dozens, or hundreds of similar missions to other worlds. If that was the case, there would be at least that many Robots built to accompany those missions. (Hey, maybe they bought them from B9Creations!)

With that said, I'm going to build one of those OTHER Robots. One that might have been built shortly after out Hero was constructed. He'll be almost exactly the same, only slightly different. He'll have the same voice-why not? He'll have the same functions as the Robot we know. He'll even have the same personality. Robot's personality exceeded his programming after he met the Robotoid. Well, if they were all programmed the same way, mine might also develop that same personality. He'll have the Season 2-3 paint scheme. How did they explain why the Robot changed colors? Maybe Will was bored. Maybe he painted him like another model he had seen at Alpha Control. That's why mine will be those colors. I'm going to use the 16 tube neon for the "mouth". My thoughts are: if the original neon had not broken, we probably would have seen the 16 row set-up during all 3 seasons. I don't believe, from what I've read, they changed it because they wanted to, they did it because it had gotten damaged. More importantly for my Robot: I LIKE THE 16 TUBES BETTER! I'm going to add 3 more programming bays to the 3 torso vent areas. That is probably how it would be if it were real. The large vents had a practical purpose on the set, but seem a bit large for reality. Too much junk and debris could get in there. I'm going to do the front bay as it was on the show. I'll use member parts with the nice side walls-they look really good. Also, if it were real, it would have a Manufacturers' Data Plate. I'm going to make a custom one and install it somewhere out of the way. Maybe a side wall in a programming bay.

See my concept of the Data Plate.

Now, before you start saying, "Mark, you're a GEEK!", Remember: we're ALL geeks! Basically this stupid philosophy is my reasoning for making my Robot the way I want to. Let's face it, we're all big kids building big toys. We're all trying to build one of our beloved childhood friends. There's no wrong way to do this, LET'S HAVE FUN!!!!